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Anastassakis, Ioannis - Suspension Of Disbelief, Coda - Sounds Of Passion (21st Anniversary Edition) (Duo Review), Electric Orange - Morbus, Galleon - Engines Of Creation, Glass - Glass Live At Progman Cometh, Jarre, Jean Michel - Oxygene (30th Anniversary Edition) [DVD+CD], KBB - Proof Of Concept, Marillion - Somewhere In London [DVD], Marsupilami - Arena, Oldfield, Mike - Music Of Spheres, Pagan's Mind - God's Equation, Poor Genetic Material - Paradise Out Of Time, Various artists - Prog-Résiste Convention 2006 [DVD], Rolling Drunks featuring Albert Lee - Pukka Blokes, Rudess, Jordan - The Road Home, Solstice - Silent Dance (The Definitive Edition), Solstice - New Life (The Definitive Edition), Solstice - Circles (The Definitive Edition), Solstice - The Cropredy Set (The Definitive Edition), Travis, Theo - Double Talk, Waking The Witch - Live [DVD], Various artists - Prog-Résiste Convention 2006 [DVD], Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene (30th Anniversary Edition), Marillion - Somewhere In London, Waking The Witch - Live, Various artists - Prog-Résiste Convention 2006
Allen, Daevid & Euterpe - Good Morning, Baraka - VII, Clear Blue Sky - Gateway To The Seventh Dimension, Edition Speciale - Horizon Digital, Genesis - Turn It On Again: The Hits (Tour Edition), Genesis - Genesis - Live Over Europe, Man And Friends - Christmas At The Patti, Moraz, Patrick - Resonance, Moraz, Patrick - ESP, Quantum Fantay - Ugisiunsi, Resonance Association, The - Failure Of The Grand Design, Satellite - Into The Night (Duo Review), Shadow Gallery - Prime Cut, Threshold - The Ravages Of Time, Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Christmas Eve And Other Stories, Trans-Siberian Orchestra - The Christmas Attic, Ulver - Shadows Of The Sun, Zip Tang - Luminiferous Ether
Chest Rockwell - Chest Rockwell vs The World, Fishmoon - Fishmoon - Two Moon Music, Oblivion Sun - Oblivion Sun, Sunya Beat - Comin' Soon, Varda, James - Hunger
Quidam - Alone Together (RTR)
Boullt, Lindsey - Composition, Capharnaüm - Le Soleil Et Une Bombe Atomique, Junk Farm - Ugly Little Thing, Kongrosjan - Happy Way, Lee, Seree - Variation - α, Oaksenham - The Conquest Of The Pacific
Colossus Project (Various artists) - Treasure Island, Kuprij, Vitalij - Glacial Inferno, Kuprij, Vitalij - Revenge, Manning - Songs From The Bilston House, Milo's Craving - The More You Know, Soniq Circus - Soniq Circus
Miosotis - Risco, Nebbia, Litto - Bazar De Los Milagros , Paladin - Paladin, Paladin - Charge!, Pineapple Thief, The - What We Have Sown, Rare Bird - Rare Bird, Rare Bird - As Your Mind Flies By, Shay Tal - Tambourine
Cut - Millionairhead (UK Edition 2007), Dirt Jake Replicas - Dirt Jake Replicas, Foster, Jack III - Tame Until Hungry, Onségen Ensemble - HottoizzoH [EP], Wilson, Ray & Stiltskin - Live
Glass Hammer - Culture Of Ascent (RTR)
Blackfield - NYC [DVD], Fairport Convention - Tony Palmer's (Film Of...) [DVD], Gilmour, David - Remember That Night [DVD], Matthew's Southern Comfort - Tony Palmer's (Film Of...) [DVD], Porcupine Tree - Fear Of A Blank Planet [DVD], Queensrÿche - Mindcrime At The Moore [DVD], Rhapsody Of Fire - Visions From The Enchanted Lands [DVD], Sigur Rós - Heima [DVD], David Gilmour - Remember That Night, Blackfield - NYC, Porcupine Tree - Fear Of A Blank Planet, Sigur Rós - Heima, Rhapsody Of Fire - Visions From The Enchanted Lands, Queensrÿche - Mindcrime At The Moore, Tony Palmer - Fairport Convention & Matthew's Southern Comfort
Los Barrocos - Sin Tiempo Ni Espacio, Man - Man, Man - Do You Like It Here, Are You Settling In?, Man - Live At The Padget Rooms, Penarth, Mystere Man - Libérez Ma Conscience, Squire, Chris - Fish Out Of Water (Deluxe Expanded Edition), Trettioåriga Kriget - I Början Och Slutet
Egg - The Civil Surface, Jonesy - Masquerade - The Dawn Years Anthology, Standtall2 - Standtall2, TAT - TAT II: Le Sperme De Tous Les Metauxs, Vespero - Rito
Edmonds, John - Burn Down The Sun, I Am Above On The Left - An A-Bomb To Wake Up, Little Atlas - Hollow (Duo Review), Spaced Out - Live At The Crescendo Festival, Tyson, Geoff - Supernova
Bonebag - Noli Me Tangere, Burning Saviours - Nymphs & Weavers, D.F.A. - Kaleidoscope, Mizmar - Musique Des Contes De La Main Gauchet, Parsons Project, Alan - Tales Of Mystery And Imagination : Edgar Alan Poe
Argento, Alex - Ego, Arti & Mestieri - First Live In Japan, Metaphor - The Sparrow, Prime Mover - Imperfekt, Trion - Pilgrim
Baroness - The Red Album, Circus Maximus - Isolate, Dimension X - Implications Of A Genetic Defense, Epica - The Divine Conspiracy, Mekong Delta - Lurking Fear, Mind's Eye - A Gentleman's Hurricane (Duo Review), Nightwish - Dark Passion Play (Duo Review), Queensrÿche - Sign Of The Times - Best Of 2CD Collectors Edition, Souldrainer - Reborn, Torman Maxt - The Problem Of Pain (Duo Review)
Dreaming Tree, The - Grafting Lines And Spreading Rumours, Fish - 13th Star, Kunita, Daisuke - Fuzzy Logic, P:O:B - Crossing Over, RPWL - 9
Aghora - Formless, Amaran's Plight - Voice In The Light (Duo Review), Animations - Animations, Deadsoul Tribe - A Lullaby For The Devil (Duo Review), Delain - Lucidity, Karma To Burn - Mountain Mama's, Kinetic Dissent - I Will Fight No More Forever, Molecule - Interstellar, Poverty's No Crime - Save My Soul, Twinspirits - The Music That Will Heal The World
McGinnes, Dean - The Journey Of Life, Porcupine Tree - Nil Recurring (Duo Review), Ra - Wake, Radiohead - In Rainbows, Rashomon - The Ruined Map (Film Music Volume 1), Saga - 10,000 Days
Ritual - The Hemulic Voluntary Band (RTR)
Big Sleep - Bluebell Wood, Dead Air Radio - Signal To Noise Ratio, La Desooorden - La Isla De Los Muertos, La Desooorden - Ciudad De Papel, Maze Of Time - Tales From The Maze, XCross - Kadath: The Dream Quest
Dungen - Tio Bita, Earthling Society - Tears Of Andromeda 'Black Sails Against The Sky', Heart Of The Sun - Heart Of The Sun, Oceansize - Frames (Duo Review), Root - Wooden Hill
Apeyga - Forward, Big Big Train - The Difference Machine, Life On Earth! - Look!! There Is Life On Earth, Little Tragedies - Chinese Songs Part 1, Three - The End Is Begun, Various artists - Rock In Asia
Abigail's Ghost - Selling Insincerity, Anekdoten - A Time Of Day, Invisigoth - Alcoholocaust, Karda Estra - The Last Of The Libertine, Oust Loub - Decoction, Vik, Julie - Twist
Alchemist - Tripsis, Day Six - Eternal Dignity, DGM - Different Shapess, Dreamscape - 5th Season, Meyvn - Splintered Skies, Non-Divine - Asylum 45, Sieges Even - Sophisticated, Sieges Even - Uneven, Sieges Even - Paramount (Trio Review)
Aziola Cry - Ghost Conversations, Conqueror - 74 Giorni, Magenta - The Singles, Motis - L'Homme-Loup, Persephone's Dream - Pyre Of Dreams, Tigrova Mast - Tigrova Mast, Uncle Moe's Space Ranch - Moe's Town
Interpose+ - Indifferent, Ishida, Noaki - Fazing Redust, Minoke? - Sangaky, Outer Limits - Stromatolite, Ringing Ring - Ancient Stone, Salle Gaveau - Alloy, Synchronous Yawn - Cracks, Zettaimu - What Can I Do, Zettaimu - Miroque
Flower Kings, The - The Road Back Home, Flower Kings, The - The Sum Of No Evil (Duo Review), Focus - Focus 9 - A New Skin, Lazuli - En Avant Doute, Riverside - Rapid Eye Movement (Trio Review)
Circa - Circa: 2007, If - The Stairway, Saga - Worlds Apart Revisited [CD/DVD], Tangent, The - Going Off On One [CD/DVD] (Duo Review)
Amarok - Sol De Medianoche, Dol Ammad - Ocean Dynamics, Galahad - Empires Never Last, Grontved, Steen - Night Vision Goggles, iX - Ora Pro Nobis (Duo Review), One World Tapestry (VA) - Progressive Music From Around The World, Solar Project - Chromagnitude, T-BO - We Stay Together, One World Tapestry (VA) - Progressive Music From Around The World
Anderson, Jon - Watching The Flags That Fly, Aviva - Rokus Tonalis, Balloon - Motivation, Black Bonzo - Sound Of The Apocalypse, Imogene - Imogene, La Torre Dell’Alchimista - Neo, Nexus - Perpetuum Karma, Osiris - Visions From The Past, Parhelia - Oceans Apart [EP], 21 Eyes Of Ruby - Conquer The World Pt.2 & 3
Far Corner - Endangered, Future Kings Of England, The - The Fate Of Old Mother Orvis, Gourishankar, The - 2nd Hands, Minen, Eric - Melodies Urbaines, Mystery - Beneath The Veil Of Winter’s Face, Roolaart, Anton - Dreamer, Tillison-Diskdrive, Andy - Fog
Cast - Com.Union, Mermaid Kiss - Etarlis, Michaels, Kurt - Outer Worlds, Nouvelles Lectures Cosmopolites - Ascendances - Friesengeist Part III, Phideaux - Doomsday Afternoon (Duo Review), Us - Reflections
Antimatter - Leaving Eden, Awake - Illumination, Canvas Solaris - Cortical Tectonics, Darkwater - Calling The Earth To Witness, Empyrios - And The Rest Is Silence, Eyefear - A World Full Of Grey, Iced Earth - Overture Of The Wicked [EP], Poland, Chris - Return To Metalopolis Live, Spheric Universe Experience - Anima, Suspyre - A Great Divide, Tomorrow's Eve - The Tower [EP]
Accept - Silver Moon, Ain Soph - Studio Live Tracks 80's and '05, Butzmetz LingerieZ - Somewhere Between, Lone Empty Bed - Lone Empty Bed, Mutyumu - Mutyumu, Shinsekai - Shinsekai
Christopher - Smoke And Origination, Giltrap, Gordon - Sixty Minutes With, Karfagen - The Space Between Us, Magic Pie - Circus Of Life, O’Loghlen, Gavin - The Poet And The Priest, O’Loghlen, Gavin & Cotters Bequest - Land Of The Vast Horizon, Speechless - Time Out Of Mind
Band Of Rain - Arts & Allurements, Bruford - Rock Goes To College, Kulju, Dave - Abstract Expression, Madco, Machy - Manuscritos Desde Musmell, Rational Diet - Rational Diet, Twelfth Night - Voices In The Night
Beardfish - Sleeping In Traffic: Part One, Carptree - Insekt, Discordia - Utopia Perfection, Macaluso, John & Union Radio - The Radio Waves Goodbye, Various artists - Musea Compilation - Progressive Rock Covers, 23 Current - Curve Of The Universe, Various artists - Musea Compilation - Progressive Rock Covers
Anderson, Jon - Live In Sheffield 1980, Arpia - Terramare, Colossus Project (Various artists) - The Spaghetti Epic 2, Dial - Synchronized, Kosmos - Polku, Opus Est - Opus II, Prisma - Collusion, Symphony X - Paradise Lost (Duo Review), Townsend, Devin ~ The Project - Ziltoid The Omnicient (Duo Review)
Abramis Brama - Live, Bearded (Project), The - Hope | Omid, Different Strings - ...It's Only The Beginning, Pinnacle - Meld, Planet X - Quantum, Sympozion - Kundabuffer
Andromeda - Playing Off The Board [DVD] (Duo Review), - Audio Diplomacy [CD/DVD], Neo - Broadcast [DVD] (Duo Review), Oldfield, Mike - The Space Movie, Pendragon - Past And Presence [DVD], Various artists - Nearfest 2005 - Rising To The Surface [DVD], Andromeda - Playing Off The Board (Duo Review), Pendragon - Past And Presence, Neo - Broadcast (Duo Review), The Fromuz - Audio Diplomacy, Various artists - Nearfest 2005 - Rising To The Surface, Mike Oldfield - The Space Movie
Anyone's Daughter - Trio Tour, Cosmic Nomads - Vultress, Delphian - Unravel, Knight Area - Under A New Sign, Magenta - Speechless [Single] , Magnum - Princess Alice And The Broken Arrow, Marillion - Thankyou Whoever You Are / Most Toys [Single] , Profound - A World Of My Own Making, Refugee - Live in Concert - Newcastle City Hall 1974
A Chinese Firedrill - Circles, Autumn [NL] - My New Time, Kamelot - Ghost Opera (Duo Review), Slavior - Slavior, Soniq Theater - Enchanted, Soniq Theater - Seventh Heaven, Xystus - Surreal
Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos (RTR)
Donockley, Troy - The Unseen Stream, Electric Chair - In Leaf, Magni Animi Viri - Heroes Temporis, Némo - SI Partie II - L'homme Idéal, Piel De Pueblo - Rock De Las Heridas, Reasoning, The - Awakening
Bosch's With You - Defamiliarisation, Frogg Café - The Safenzee Diaries, Hills, N R - Eleven Nails In The Coffin, Kaipa - Angling Feelings, Shades Of Dawn - From Dusk Till Dawn, Starcastle - Song Of Times, Yeti Rain - Discarnate
A.C.T - Today's Report [Re-issue], A.C.T - Imaginary Friends [Re-issue], A.C.T - Last Epic [Re-issue], Æon Spoke - Æon Spoke (Duo Review), Bise De Buse - Joue Sa Musique, Feed Forward - Barefoot & Naked, Hatfield & The North - Hattitude, Hopper, Hugh - Hopper Tunity Box, Milk - Two Sides Of A Coin, Miller, Phil - In Cahoots - Conspiracy Theories, Puppet Show - The Tale Of Woe, Source, The - All Along This Land, Third Ending, The - The Third Ending, Wicked Minds - Live At 'Burg Herzberg Festival 2006
Rush - Snakes & Arrows (RTR)
After Forever - After Forever, Memories Lab - Empathy, Novembers Doom - The Novella Reservoir, Redemption - The Origins Of Ruin (Duo Review), Serenity - Words Untold & Dreams Unlived, Sun Caged - Artemisia, Symphorce - Become Death, Symphorce - Become Death, Therion - Gothic Kabbalah, Thought Chamber - Angular Perceptions (Duo Review), Threshold - Dead Reckoning (Duo Review)
Ferris Mudd - Ferris Mudd, MegetMeget - MegetMeget, No Rules - Where We Belong, Porcupine Tree - Fear Of A Blank Planet (Duo Review), Runaway Totem - Esameron, Unruh, Steve - The Great Divide, Vertical Alignment - Signposts
Casual Silence - Lost In Life, Dyonisos - An Incidental Collection, Jerónimo, Samuel - Rima, Powell, Roger - Fossil Poets, Yugen - Labirinto D’Acqua
Bruce, J T - The Dreamer’s Paradox, Doe, Sifu Stephen - Playing With Time, John 5 - The Devil Knows My Name, Morse, Alan - Four O'clock & Hysteria, Stuermer, Daryl - Go (Duo Review), Zaza, Neil - When Gravity Fails
Apple Pie - Crossroad, Atoll - L'Océans, Blind Ego - Mirror, Lost World - Awakening Of The Elements, Mostly Autumn - Heart Full Of Sky, Picture Of The Moon - Ageless Day [EP], Seid - Creatures Of The Underworld, Thorne, Steve - Part Two: Emotional Creatures, Yole - Lead Us Away, Various artists - Cyclops Sampler #6
Box, Edward - Moonfudge, Carlsson, Patrik - Melodic Travel, Fareri, Francesco - Secrets Within, Harris, Michael - Orchestrate, Hernando, Tony - TH III Live!, Izzizzari, Massimo - Unstable Balance, Martone - When The Aliens Come
Marillion - Somewhere Else (RTR)
Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe - Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe, Galahad - Resonance - Live In Poland [DVD], Gong - @ Montserrat 1973 And Other Stories [DVD], Hogarth, Steve - H Natural - Voice Piano [DVD], IQ - Stage [DVD], Pendragon - And Now Everybody To The Stage [DVD], Uz Jsme Doma - V Tokiu - Live In Tokyo 2003 [DVD], Wayne, Jeff - Musical Version Of War Of The Worlds Live On Stage! [DVD], Various artists - Convention 2005 [DVD], Jeff Wayne's Musical Version Of War Of The Worlds - Live On Stage!, Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe - An Evening Of Yes Music Plus, IQ - Stage, Pendragon - And Now Everybody To The Stage, Galahad - Resonance - Live In Poland, Mind Key - Habemus Poland - Live in Katowice, Steve Hogarth - H Natural - Voice Piano, Various artists - Prog-Résiste Convention 2005, Uz Jsme Doma - V Tokiu – Live In Tokyo 2003, Gong - @ Montserrat 1973 And Other Stories
Absence - X / The Gift, Fates Warning - Disconnected/Inside Out - A Pleasant Shade Of Gray, Moonlight Comedy - Dorothy, Neverdream - Chemical Faith, Quintessenza - Cosmogenesi, Satyrian - The Dark Gift
Cardboard Amanada - Cardboard Amanda, Colossus Project (Various artists) - 7 Samurai - The Ultimate Epic (Duo Review), Greylevel - Opus One, Kostarev - Works 1978-2006, Lady Lake - Unearthed, Lane, Lana - Gemini, Norlander, Erik - Hommage Symphonique, Øresund Space Collective - It's All About Delay, Z-Axis - Concatenations, Various artists - Theme of Appreciation - A Worldwide Tribute To Eddie Jobson
Barclay James Harvest - Live Tapes, Barclay James Harvest - Eyes Of The Universe, Barclay James Harvest - A Concert For The People (Berlin), Barclay James Harvest - Face To Face, Barclay James Harvest - Welcome To The Show
Sylvan - Presets (RTR)
Kingcrow - Timetropia, Liquid Visions - The Lost Recordings, Moonlight - Integrated In The System Of Guilt (Duo Review), Object Permanence - The Perfect Plan, Pinhas, Richard - Metatron, Variant - Beyond Jargon
Neal Morse - Sola Scriptura (RTR)
After... - Endless Lunatic, Disen Gâge - Libertâge, Dominici - 03 A Trilogy - Part 2, Loreau, Bertrand - D’Une Rive À L’Autre, Moulin, Jean-François - 40, Slav De Hren - Tavata, Soft Machine - Middle Earth Masters
Headshear - Headshear, Skin Alley - Skin Alley, Skin Alley - To Pagham And Beyond, Spaced Out - Unstable Matter, Stuermer, Daryl - Rewired, Tinyfish - Tinyfish, Wild Turkey - You & Me In The Jungle (Duo Review), 404 Not Found - Armless
Blackfield - Blackfield II (RTR)
Also Eden - About Time, Cazenave, Guillaume - The Mediation Project Two - Second System Syndrome, Forgotten Silence - Kro Ni Ka, Hal & Ring - Alchemy, Kramer - Mini CD
Closer - Tokpela [EP], Cooper Tisdale & Friends - Live In Atlanta, East Wind Pot - East Wind Pot, Eye To Eye - One In Every Crowd, Panzerballett - Panzerballett, Parmenter, Ryan - The Noble Knave, Sarcasme - Mirage, Thessera - Fooled Eyes, Unseen Guest, The - Checkpoint, Visaggio, Mike - Starship Universe
Ferrigno, Marco - Hanging Gardens, Gift, The - Awake & Dreaming, Jam Camp - Live, Kat, Henriëtte - Violet Fire, Miller, Rick - The End Of Days, Pravda - Walking Through Walls, Ultra Violet Uforia - Shadow Of The Sun
Gazpacho - Night (RTR)
Decemberists, The - The Crane Wife, Deformica - H, Deluge Grander - August In The Urals, For Absent Friends - Square One, High Wheel - Live Before The Storm, Ivoryboat - Unnatural Gift, King Of Agogik - Membranophonic Experience, Level Pi - Entrance, Little Tragedies - Sixth Sense, Sonic Revolution, The - Power Failure
Pain Of Salvation - Scarsick (RTR)
Alias Eye - In Focus (RTR)
Gösta Berlings Saga - Tid är ljud, Hauteville - Relief Data Incomplete, Mastodon - Blood Mountain, Quaker - Autocritica, Qui - Prelude, Rockaphonica - Fuera De Tiempo
Rocket Scientists - Revolution Road (RTR)