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Anathema — A Natural Disaster, Ian Anderson — Rupi's Dance, Arena — Contagium, Badger — One Live Badger, C A P — Il Bianco Regno Di Dooah, Peter Gabriel — Hit, Gunn, Trey — Untune The Sky, Marillion — Say Cheese, Christmas With Marillion, The Mars Volta — De-Loused in the Comatorium, Mostly Autumn — Passengers, Mostly Autumn — The Next Chapter [DVD], The Pineapple Thief — Live 2003, Pink Floyd — The Wall [DVD], Salem Hill — Be, Michael Schenker [MSG] — Arachnophobiac, Threshold — Critical Energy, Transatlantic — Live in Europe [2DVD] [2DVD], Twelfth Night — Art & Illusion, Snowy White — Bird of Paradise - An Anthology, Yes — YesSpeak 35th Anniversary [DVD]
Dream Theater — Train Of Thought [Round Table Review]
John Arch — A Twist Of Fate, Balance Of Power — Heathen Machine, Consortium Project III — Terra Incognita, Humanity — When Silence Calls, Opeth — Damnation, Poverty's No Crime — Chemical Chaos [Duo Review], Tad Morose — Modus Vivendi, Tomorrow's Eve — Mirror Of Creation, Various artists — The Combined Stupidity Of Spiteful Men
Art Of Infinity — New Horizon, Art Of Infinity — Dimension Universe, Jethro Tull — The Jethro Tull Christmas Album, Morsof — Heap, Rick Wakeman — Christmas Variations
Alias Eye — A Different Point Of You [Round Table Review]
Cherno — Slight Trick All Around, Gerard — Irony Of Fate, Gerard — The Pendulum, Gerard — Meridian, London Underground — Through A Glass Darkly, Odyssice — Moondrive Plus
Dead Air Radio — Strange Frequencies, Etcetera — Tales of Ardour & Deceit, R H Factor — R H Factor, Robbie Rox — Earl Owns The World, Thieves' Kitchen — Shibboleth
Atlantis — Pray For Rain, Peter Gabriel — Growing Up Live [DVD] [Duo Review], Syzygy — The Allegory Of Light, Trion — Tortoise, Violent Silence — Violent Silence
After Forever — Exordium [Round Table Review]
Audiac — Thank You For Not Discussing ..., Opus Est — Opus I, XII Alfonso — El Canto De Las Piedras, Zero Hour — Metamorphosis [Duo Review], Zero Hour — Towers of Avarice
Amarok — Mujer Luna, John Edmonds — When Schemes Come True, Friedman, Alan — The Test Of Time, RWA — Driven, Syrinx — Reification, Taal — Skymind
Martin Barre — Stage Left, Condition Red — II, Procosmian Fannyfiddlers — Return Of The Sweaty Owl, Sun Caged — Sun Caged, Us — Eamon's Day
Wolverine — Cold Light of Monday [Round Table Review]
Metamorphosis — After All These Years, Seven Seraphim — Believe In Angels, Shizuka — Sho-Ka, The Urbane — Glitter, The Urbane — Neon
Family — A Song For Me, Family — Anyway, Family — Fearless, Family — Bandstand, Family — It's Only a Movie, Family — Family Live, The Flower Kings — Meet The Flower Kings, Pallas — The Blinding Darkness [Duo Review]
Tomas Bodin — Sonic Boulevard, Magellan — Impossible Figures, Pacifico — La Bella Epoca, RC2 — RC2, The Sad Song Co — Miseryguts
Aethellis — Aethellis, Caravan — The Unauthorised Breakfast Item, Emslie, Alan — Driven Heavy, Fatal Attraction — Simplicity Rules, Minoke? — Taneshina, Soniq Theater — The Third Eye
Transatlantic — Live In Europe [2CD] [Round Table Review]
Heartscore — Sculptures, Steve Howe's Remedy — Elements, Kumm — Moonsweat March, Naked Elf — YI, Solution Science Systems — EP, Andy Wells — Humanized
Arena — Radiance, Arilyn — Tomorrow Never Comes, AtmOsfear — Inside The Atmosphere, Las Orejas Y La Lengua — Error, Somniae Status — Cassandra
The Tangent — The Music That Died Alone [Round Table Review]
Divided Sky — Spectral, IQ — IQ20 - Archive Collection Vol 1, McLaughlin, Shawn — Smorgasbord, Merchant's Vice — Amber, S.O.T.E. — Time To End
All Too Human — Entropy, Cea Serin — The Surface Of All Things, Chain — Reconstruct, DGM — Hidden Place, Foe — Arm Yourself With Clairvoyance, Gordian Knot — Emergent, Green — Life, Shadowkeep — A Chaos Theory
Cast — Al-bandaluz, KBB — Four Corner's Sky, Jaime Rosas — Virgo, Satellite — A Street Between Sunrise And Sunset, Ulysses — Symbioses
Marillion — Recital Of The Script [DVD], Marillion — From Stoke Row To Ipanema [DVD], Poor Genetic Material — Winter's Edge, Round House — Live @2001 In Osaka, Round House — Jin.Zo-Ni.N.Gen, Round House — Wings to Rest, Jeffrey Ryan Smoots — Loss For Words
Neal Morse — Testimony [Round Table Review]
Addison Project — Mood Swings, Hiroshi Aoki (Blazing Bronze) — Beyond Hope, Apocalypse — Refugio, Keith Emerson & The Nice — Vivacitas, Heon — Electro-Acoustic Requiem
Arabesque — The Union, Deadsoul Tribe — A Murder Of Crows [Duo Review], Elsesphere — Blind Leading The Blind, Mindgate — Willow Whisper, Mythologic — Standing In Stillness, Nemesis — Eden, Power Of Omens — Rooms Of Anguish, Textures — Polars
Bird, Al — Sodom & Gomorra XXI, Étron Fou Leloublan — Les Poumons Gonfles, Magellan — Hundred Year Flood, Normal People, The — A Trip To The Vet, The Vow — Trojan
Karda Estra — Constellations, Seven 13 — Unleashed, Transience — Primordial, The Two — Estranged, Rick Wakeman & New English Rock Ensemble — Out There
Eclipse — Jumping From Springboards, Enchant — Tug Of War [Duo Review], Fish — Fools Company [DVD], Fish — Mixed Company, Fish — Sunsets on Empire [DVD], Eloy Fritsch — Atmosphere, Steve Hackett — Hungarian Horizons - Live In Budapest [Duo Review], King's X — Black Like Sunday [Duo Review], Pentwater — The Penwater Album, Radiohead — Hail To The Thief, Spektrum — Spektrum, Roine Stolt — The Flower King, XII Alfonso — This Is, Various artists — Best ProgRock Album ... Ever
Kaipa — Keyholder [Round Table Review]
Blue Drift — Cobalt Coast, Difícil Equilibrio — Simetricanarquia, Steve Hackett — Live Archive NEARfest, Kinzokuebisu — Hakootoko, Queensrÿche — Tribe
Aviary — Ambition, Fossil — Fossil, Mizukagami — Mizukagami, The Pineapple Thief — Variations On A Dream, X Religion — Dances On Gobelins
Adachi Kyodai — Adachi Kyodai, Cooley, Rusty — Rusty Cooley, Propaganda — Outside World, Silent Edge — The Eyes Of The Shadow, Val'Paraiso — Footprints of Angels
Arena — Contagious [EP], Conspiracy — The Unknown, Cos — The Turning Around, Guarnere, Matthew D — MDG, Man On Fire — The Undefined Design
Akacia — An Other Life, Colin Bass — In The Meantime, Lana Lane — Covers Collection [Duo Review], Erik Norlander — Music Machine [Duo Review], Joop Wolters — Workshop
Manning — The Ragged Curtain, Metaconciencia — Bestario, Takara — Blind In Paradise, Without Face — Astronomicon, Yes — Keys To Ascension [DVD] [Keys To Ascension]
Boxing Lesson, The — The Boxing Lesson EP, Chrome Shift — Ripples In Time, Epica — The Phantom Agony, Neural Mass — Sunshine Hill, Show-Yen — Show-Yen
Spock's Beard — Feel Euphoria [Round Table Review]
Aebsence — Unusual, Pig Farm On The Moon — Orbital, Daniel Patrick Quinn — The Winter Hills, ScapeLand Wish — The Ghost of Autumn, Various artists — Cyclops Sampler #5
Aeolus — Dust On The Mirror, John Edmonds — Subzerosonic [Duo Review], Peter Gabriel — Secret World - Live [DVD], Omnia — Hormonal
Cartoon — Bigorna, Djam Karet — A Night For Baku, Steve Hackett — To Watch The Storms [Duo Review], Mike Oldfield — Tubular Bells 2003, Pink Floyd — Dark Side Of The Moon [SACD]
Ebola Joy — Sitra Achra, (I Am) One — The Gates of Industry, Jadis — Fanatic [Duo Review], kRé — Ruido Doméstico, Moon Of Steel — Insignificant Details
Far Side, The — Parallelebiped, Marillion — Fall Out, Marillion — Caught In The Net, Royal Hunt — Eye Witness, Spaced Out — Slow Gin
Kansas — The Ultimate Kansas, King Crimson — The Power To Believe, Luminos — Seize The Day, Mindgames — International Daylight, Tésis Ársis — Ilusoes
Cinnamonia — The Scarlet Sea, Jack Yello — Thorns Of Anger [Duo Review], Ritual — Think Like A Mountain, Root — Resolution, Zeroesque — Zeroesque
Anguish — Symmetry, Lanfear — The Art Effect, Missa Mercuria — Missa Mercuria, Over Us Eden — Over Us Eden, Redemption — Redemption, Sectarian — Fallen One, Star One — Live On Earth [Duo Review], Threshold — Wireless (Acoustic Sessions)
Mach One — An Ancient Lie, Pangaea — A Time And A Place, Queen Of Hearts — The Devastated Run, Sphere3 — Comeuppance, Ray Wilson — Change [Round Table Review]
A Day's Work — Above And Within, Peter Frohmader — Eismeer, Gazpacho — Bravo [Duo Review], Nil — Quarante Jours Sur Le Sinai, Octohpera — Bons Amigos
Charles Brown — Earth Voyage, Peter Hammill — Clutch, Infinity Minus One — Tales From The Mobius Strip, KingBathmat — Son of A Nun, Re:Cooperation — TransCollaboration
Braindoll + Holy Robot — Apostasy, Cymoryl — Strange Evocation, Everon — Bridge, Everon — Flesh, The Gathering — Souvenirs, Heaven's Cry — Primal Power Addition, Eric Kampma — The Well, Morgana-X — Misunderstood, Netherworld — Netherworld [Duo Review], Derek Sherinian — Black Utopia [Duo Review], Strings Arguments — The Encounter, John Wetton — Rock Of Faith, Within Temptation — Mother Earth [DVD], Earnest Woodall — Time To Think
A.C.T. — Last Epic [Round Table Review]
Peter Gabriel — Long Walk Home, Kboemm — Levenslang, Mohodisco — Kaloomith, Mystery Bloom — Lifetime In The Heart, Stray — Live: In Yer Face
Ivory Gates — Shapes of Memory, Resin — Only Here, RPWL — Stock, Singularity — Between Sunlight And Shadow, Various artists — Osmotic
Deep Thought — Somewhere In The Dark, Evergrey — Recreation Day, Mostly Autumn — The Story So Far [DVD], Soniq Theater — A SECOND of ACTion, Spock's Beard — Don't Try This At Home + The Making of V [DVD]
Andromeda — II=I, Anima — Anima, Fox Hole Commune — One Locus ..., Marillion — Before First Light [DVD], Tantra — Terra
Calix — A Roda, Digitalis — Season Of The Reason, Karmakanic — Entering The Spectra, Palace Of Black — Palace Of Black, Témpano — The Agony And The Ecstasy
Honey Barbara — 1-10 & W Ave, OSI — Office Of Strategic Influence, Phantom's Opera — Act IV, The Rob Sbar Neosis — Wagon Wheels & Atom Bombs, Silent Force — Infatuator
Easy Star All-Stars — Dub Side of the Moon, Oxygene 8 — Poetica, Pagan's Mind — Celestial Entrance, Presas, Julio — Amaneciendo en la cruz del sur, Programme D'Experience — Thought Molecules
Steve Hackett — Somewhere In South America [DVD + 2CD], Head Pop Up — Tokusen Burari Tabi, Karnataka — Delicate Flame Of Desire, Lacuna Coil — Comalies, Luca Turilli — Prophet of the Last Eclipse
Finisterre — In Ogni Luogo, Holy Graal — Just A Signal ..., Proloud — Rebuilding, Quikion — Hallelujah!!, Romislokus — All Day Home
Arena — Contagion [Duo Review], Tomas Bodin — Pinup Guru, Colt — From The Fridge, Melbourne — Night Star, Seino Shima et al — Budderfly
Noise626 — The Art Of Falling Forward, Special Experiment — Fortune Memories, Supernova — Lleva El Brillo Del Sol, Symphony X — The Odyssey, Akihisa Tsuboy & Natsuki Kido — Era
Azoth — Demonstration 2002 - 2003, Colombo, Roberto — Botte Da Orbi, Focus — Focus 8, Bruno Sanfilippo — Suite Patagonia, Craig Welton — Hollywood Legend
Fula — The Beautiful, The Delicate & The True, Glass Hammer — Lex Rex, Renaissance — In The Land Of The Rising Sun, Sotos — Platypus, Synema — Evolution For A Party Of One