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Last year, 692 people participated in the DPRPoll 2000, this year the number of participants increased slightly to 725. This page contains a summary of the results of the poll. The full tables can be viewed by clicking through the 'next table' links in the upper right corner of the screen.

Before we have a look at the results of 2001 we would first like to thank the following sponsors of the poll prizes: InsideOut Music, DVS Records, Pallas, Colourblind and Tempus Fugit.


As mentioned above, 725 people participated in the DPRPoll 2001. Most people came from The Netherlands (31%), USA (14%), while Germany (9%), UK (8%) and Canada (4%) also provided quite some votes, just like last year. In total, inhabitants of no less than 49 different countries participated in the DPRPoll 2001, compared to 39 in 2000.

The average participant of the poll was 34 years old, although ages range from 13 to 52 years ! Since the average age was 33 years in both 1999 and 2000, this seems to indicate that prog isn't really attracting a young new audience anymore and it's mainly a scene of people born in the sixties and seventies.

Best Albums of 2001

No less than 297 different albums received votes for Best Album of 2001. Below you will find the Top 25. The full list can be viewed by clicking here.
We have provided links to information on DPRP about some of the bands as well as links to the DPRP reviews of most of these albums.

Nr Band Album Votes Percentage Weighted Points
1 Transatlantic Bridge Across Forever 410 56.6% 1469
2 The Flower Kings The Rainmaker 232 32.0% 723
3 Yes Magnification 199 27.4% 653
4 IQ The Seventh House 202 27.9% 649
5 Pallas The Cross and the Crucible 187 25.8% 612
6 Marillion Anoraknophobia 176 24.3% 603
7 Pendragon Not of This World 194 26.8% 601
8 Dream Theater Live Scenes From New York 89 12.3% 261
9 Mostly Autumn The Last Bright Light 75 10.3% 220
10 Threshold Hypothetical 59 8.1% 204
11 Porcupine Tree Recordings 64 8.8% 183
12 The Watch Ghost 50 6.9% 163
13 Fish Fellini Days 56 7.7% 153
14 Tool Lateralus 39 5.4% 146
15 Shadow Gallery Legacy 46 6.3% 142
16 Le Orme Elementi 36 5.0% 127
17 Trent Gardner Leonardo - The Absolute Man 44 6.1% 120
18 Saga House of Cards 37 5.1% 100
19 Ambeon Fate of a Dreamer 38 5.2% 94
20 Magenta Revolutions 29 4.0% 93
21 Isildur's Bane Mind Volume 2 (live) 24 3.3% 90
22 Ark Burn The Sun 25 3.4% 88
23 Anathema A Fine Day to Exit 28 3.9% 86
24 Radiohead Amnesiac 28 3.9% 76
25 Arena Breakfast in Biarritz 29 4.0% 73

Some quick explanations about the calculations. 'Votes' are the number of people who voted for a specific album, regardless if it was their number 1 or number 5. 'Percentage' is the percentage of all participants that voted for an album. The 'Weighted Points' are calculated based on the ranking of the (max) 5 albums the participants voted for; their number 1 got 5 points, number 2 got 4 points, etc. 'Weighted Points' is the sum of these points.

The Morse-Portnoy-Trawavas-Stolt quartet does it again. Whereas their debut album scored an average of 1.6 points per participant in the DPRPoll 2000 and reached the #1 position, its follow-up seems to be even more popular with an average score of 2.0 points per participant.
The Top 10 is made up of several long familiar names. It's also good to see that Mostly Autumn has gained popularity. In 1999 they received 10 votes for their Spirit of Autumn Past album, while this year they enter the Top 10 with their latest CD.

One album that needs a bit of additional explanation is IQ's The Seventh House. This album first appeared in November 2000 during the tour the band did in Europe, and some additional copies were sold through mail order before the year ended. Therefore, 140 people already voted for this album in the DPRPoll 2000, bringing the CD a #6 position in that year's chart. However, lots of people did not get the CD before it was officially released and appeared in the shops in February 2001. For this reason, the album appears in this years chart again with another 202 votes. Interestingly, if we would add up the points the album scored in 2000 and 2001, it would have had 1156 points, giving it either a number 1 position in 2000 or a number 2 position in 2001 ! It has to be said though that some people could have voted for this album in both 2000 and 2001, making this total higher than it would actually have been had all the votes been done in one year.

Best Tracks of 2001

Participants in the Poll were also asked to name their favourite track of 2001. The table below shows the 5 bands which got the most votes, regardless of which track.

# Band Votes Percentage
1 Transatlantic 180 26.8%
2 Marillion 70 10.4%
3 IQ 44 6.5%
4 Pallas 41 6.1%
5 Yes 39 5.8%

The next table shows the actual Top 5 out of 182 different 'best tracks' of 2001.

# Band Track Votes Percentage
1 Transatlantic Stranger in Your Soul 93 13.8%
2 Transatlantic Duel with the Devil 76 11.3%
3 Marillion This Is The 21st Century 30 4.5%
4 IQ The Seventh House 28 4.2%
5 Marillion When I Meet God 25 3.7%

Once again the epics rule the charts; almost 90 minutes of music in 5 songs. The two big ones from the Transatlantic album are of course hardly a surprise. The appearance of the two Marillion tracks is a bit remarkable though, especially since you would expect some of the bands of which their album scored higher in this list.

Best Artwork of 2001

# Band Album Votes Percentage
1 Pendragon Not of this World 131 19.3%
2 Transatlantic Bridge Across Forever 104 15.3%
3 The Flower Kings The Rainmaker 79 11.6%
4 Pallas The Cross And The Crucible 59 8.7%
5 Tool Lateralus 21 3.1%

Okay, 98 different albums received voted for 'Best Artwork', but Pendragon's new cover art had a clear victory, leaving the 'remake' of Transatlantic's debut behind. It has to be said that the cover of Not Of This World indeed has an outer-worldly beauty, as does the French model Aurelie Claudel who 'inspired' artist Simon Williams when painting the figure of the woman in the front. Click here for a larger version of the artwork, and here for the advertisement that inspired part of the artwork.

Best Concert 2001

Loads of different concerts got votes for best gig of 2001. To get a clear picture of which bands did best on the stage last year, we'll first have a look at the ones that got the most votes, regardless of which concert.

2001 2000 Band Votes for Best Concert Percentage
1 - Transatlantic 90 14.8%
2 5 Yes 87 14.3%
3 - The Flower Kings 46 7.6%
4 - Marillion 34 5.6%
5 - Porcupine Tree 26 4.3%

Now let's have a look at which of the 331 gigs that received votes got the most votes for Best Concert 2001.

# Band When Where Votes Percentage
1 Transatlantic 12-Nov-2001 013, Tilburg, Holland 55 9.0%
2 Yes 21-Nov-2001 HMH, Amsterdam, Holland 27 4.4%
3 The Flower Kings 26-Oct-2001 Boerderij, Zoetermeer, Holland 10 1.6%

Once again Transatlantic lead the way with one of the gigs from their European tour which could have been called 'Parade of the Epics'. As always, the large number of Dutch poll participants combined with a small number of venues played in The Netherlands has resulted in three Dutch gigs ending up highest again.

Best Newcomer

# Band Votes Percentage
1 Ambeon (Astrid van der Veen) 36 7.2%
2 Alias Eye 35 7.0%
3 Magenta 33 6.6%
4 NDV (Nick D'Virgillio) 25 5.0%
5 Hamadryad 17 3.4%

In 2001 Arjan Lucassen re-wrote some of his Ayreon material and rerecorded it with young teenage vocalist Astrid van der Veen. The atmospheric but powerful music combined with Astrid's enchanting vocals has obviously captured the hearts of many prog fans. Alias Eye, a new band from Germany that deserves a lot more attention, can be found at #2.

Biggest Disappointment of 2001

Many different albums, gigs, incidents, etc received votes for 'biggest disappointment'. We grouped the votes until they referred to a unique album, gig or incident.
51 people were disappointed that one of their favourite bands had not released a new album in 2001, 19 people were disappointed that they missed a live performance of some band and 11 people complained that there weren't enough gigs in their part of the world. The other most often mentioned, and more specific, disappointments can be found below.

# Disappointment Votes Percentage
1 Marillion - Anoraknophobia 80 13.2%
2 Fish - Fellini Days 58 9.6%
3 Yes - Magnification 28 4.6%
4 Transatlantic - Bridge Across Forever 27 4.5%
5 The Flower Kings - The Rainmaker 18 3.0%

Clearly the prog scene remains a world of contradictions and controversies. While it doesn't surprise us to see the weak latest Fish album in this list (some of us had even expected to find it at #1) all of the other albums in this top 5 can also be found in the Top 10 of most popular albums.
Marillion maintains the dubious honour of being in the Top 5 for the last 5 years (3 of which at #1). While their recent apathy towards anything proggy makes them more than deserve this position, it is a bit remarkable since their new Anoraknophobia album seemed to have been received a lot better than their previous attempts. Probably, those people that continue to vote for this band are the same ones that still think that the band should not be allowed to evolve and should get Fish back on vocals. Well, judging from his latest album and vocal abilities that's probably the last thing that those who do like the new Marillion would want to see happening. Indeed, prog is a conservative and controversial world .....

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