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From 170 participants in the first ever DPRPoll in 1997, we've grown to what has probably become the biggest prog rock poll in the world, with nearly 700 people filling out the poll form (692 to be precise).

This page contains a summary of the results of the poll. The full tables can be viewed by clicking through the 'next table' links in the upper right corner of the screen.

Before we have a look at the results of 2000 we would first like to thank the following sponsors of the poll prizes: GEP Records, InsideOut Music, DVS Records, Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon), Stretchy Records/Ozric Tentacles, Wolverine, Gallilei Records, Kayak, Clearlight Music, Pallas, Tempus Fugit, and Disque Online.


As mentioned above, 692 people participated in the DPRPoll 2000. Most people came from The Netherlands (33%), USA (16%), while Germany (7%), UK (6%) and Canada (5%) also provided quite some votes, just like last year. In total, inhabitants of no less than 39 different countries participated in the DPRPoll 2000.

The average participant of the poll was 33 years old, although ages range from 15 to 54 years !

Best Albums of 2000

No less than 312 different albums received votes for Best Album of 2000. Below you will find the Top 25. The full list will be available soon.
We have provided links to information on DPRP about some of the bands as well as links to the DPRP reviews of most of these albums.

Nr Band Album Votes Percentage Weighted Points
1 Transatlantic SMPTe 310 44.8% 1091
2 Spock's Beard V 312 45.1% 1041
3 The Flower Kings Space Revolver 238 34.4% 797
4 Arena Immortal? 206 29.8% 664
5 Porcupine Tree Lightbulb Sun 173 25.0% 550
6 IQ The Seventh House 140 20.2% 507
7 Ayreon The Dream Sequencer 126 18.2% 402
8 Pain of Salvation The Perfect Element Part 1 107 15.5% 391
9 Symphony X V - The New Mythology Suite 68 9.8% 233
10 Ayreon Flight of the Migrator 77 11.2% 225
11 Kansas Somewhere to Elsewhere 61 8.8% 180
12 King Crimson The ConstruKction of Light 48 6.9% 145
13 Jadis Understand 54 7.8% 143
14 Radiohead Kid A 33 4.8% 105
15 Fates Warning disconnected 37 5.3% 99
16 Shakary Alya 28 4.0% 98
17 Everon Fantasma 35 5.1% 96
18 Enchant Juggling 9 or Dropping 10 34 4.9% 96
19 Martin Orford Classical Music and
Popular Songs
34 4.9% 95
20 Yes Live at the House of Blues 33 4.8% 88
21 Peter Gabriel OVO 30 4.3% 85
22 RPWL God Has Failed 27 3.9% 83
23 Kevin Gilbert The Shaming of the True 20 2.9% 80
24 Roger Waters In the Flesh 26 3.8% 69
25 IQ Subterranea - The Concert 26 3.8% 69

Some quick explanations about the calculations. 'Votes' are the number of people who voted for a specific album, regardless if it was their number 1 or number 5. 'Percentage' is the percentage of all participants that voted for an album. The 'Weighted Points' are calculated based on the ranking of the (max) 5 albums the participants voted for; their number 1 got 5 points, number 2 got 4 points, etc. 'Weighted Points' is the sum of these points.

The prog supergroup with Stolt, Morse, Portnoy and Trewavas (the only Marillion member that still wants to be associated with prog ?) did very well in 2000. Although some people complain that the group leans to much on the Spock's Beard sound - the band just missed the Top 5 of biggest disappointments - and don't have their own identity (yet), the album stands proudly at the top of the best albums list.
Members of Transatlantic also do very well at position 2 and 3. The race between Spock's Beard and Transatlantic was very tight, with the Beard album even getting more votes ! In the end though, people placed the Transatlantic albums higher in their lists, resulting in a higher ranking for Transatlantic.
Still, this is the 4th year in a row that Spock's Beard appears in the Top 5, and even the 3rd year in a row that their album ends up at number 2 !

Some, like Roger Waters, seem to suffer slightly from a late release in 2000, while others (IQ) don't do bad at all considering that the album is not available in stores yet.

To the surprise of some people in the DPRP Team, Ayreon's The Dream Sequencer did better than Flight of the Migrator. Some people voted for 'The Universal Migrator' as the two albums are collectively known. The weighted points from these votes have been evenly divided over the two separate albums.

The year 2000 must have been a marvellous year for InsideOut Music, with 7 out of the Top 10 either being released or distributed by them. Without a doubt the company has developed in the most important prog outlet in the world.

Best Tracks of 2000

Participants in the Poll were also asked to name their favourite track of 2000. The table below shows the 5 bands which got the most votes, regardless of which track.

# Band Votes Percentage
1 Transatlantic 106 16.5%
2 Spock's Beard 103 16.0%
3 Arena 79 12.3%
4 Porcupine Tree 52 8.1%
5 The Flower Kings 48 7.5%

As you can see, this top 5 closely resembles the top 5 of best albums.
The next table shows the actual Top 5 out of 182 different 'best tracks' of 2000.

# Band Track Votes Percentage
1 Transatlantic All of the Above 70 10.9%
2 Spock's Beard The Great Nothing 55 8.6%
3 Arena Moviedrome 45 7.0%
4 Spock's Beard At the End of the Day 38 5.9%
5 The Flower Kings I Am the Sun 35 5.5%

Once again the epic 15 minute+ songs rule the charts. Tough luck for those who were planning to make a home-recorded CD of the Top 5 of this year. With regard to I Am The Sun, some people voted for part 1, some for part 2 and some didn't specify any part. We have therefore decided to add all of those together and treat it as one song for the sake of the poll.

Best Artwork of 2000

# Band Album Votes Percentage
1 Transatlantic SMPTe 76 11.9%
2 Arena Immortal? 64 10.0%
3 Ayreon The Dream Sequencer 62 9.7%
4 The Flower Kings Space Revolver 53 8.3%
5 Spock's Beard V 28 4.4%

Okay, 103 different albums received voted for 'Best Artwork', but if almost half of the people vote for a specific 'best album' and it's also got some nice artwork (released in two different versions), you probably know what to expect. Per Nordin's design for the Transatlantic album heads the chart !

For those of you who enjoyed the hilarious spoof on the similarities between the names and covers of the last Spock's Beard and Symphony X albums: Symphony X ended up at position 8.

Something that should also be mentioned is that Mattias Noren - who among other things designed the DPRP lay-out and many prog (metal) covers - although not being in the Top 5, gathered no less than 32 votes (5%) with 5 different covers. Well done Mattias !

Best Concert 2000

Loads of different concerts got votes for best gig of 2000. To get a clear picture of which bands did best on the stage last year, we'll first have a look at the ones that got the most votes, regardless of which concert.

2000 1999 Band Votes for Best Concert Percentage
1 6 Dream Theater 81 14.1%
2 1 Spock's Beard 57 9.9%
3 - Camel 47 8.2%
4 2 IQ 39 6.8%
5 5 Yes 38 6.6%

Dream Theater obviously did very well on the Metropolis 2000 tour, and regardless of the vocal problems of Andy Latimer, people really seemed to have enjoyed last year's Camel gigs.

Now let's have a look at which of the 573 gigs that received votes got the most votes for Best Concert 2000.

# Band When Where Votes Percentage
1 Dream Theater 14-Oct-2000 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands 19 3.3%
2 Spock's Beard 24-Oct-2000 013, Tilburg, Holland 17 3.0%
3 IQ 17-Nov-2000 Boerderij Zoetermeer, Holland 16 2.8%

As always the Dutch gigs receive most votes. Quite what you would expect from a small, densely populated country with lots of prog fans and only one or a couple of gigs per band.
For the 3rd year in a row the highly energetic Spock's Beard shows are present in the Top 3.
Remarkable is the fact that even though IQ fans were very disappointed having to wait for an hour outside in the rain at the Boerderij venue, most didn't let it spoil their enjoyment of the gig.

Best Newcomer

# Band Votes Percentage
1 Transatlantic 154 28.5%
2 RPWL 35 6.5%
3 Under the Sun 31 5.7%
4 Triangle 20 3.7%
5 After Forever 19 3.5%

Gosh ... what a surprise ! ;-)

Biggest Disappointment of 1999

Many different albums, gigs, incidents, etc received votes for 'biggest disappointment'. You'll be able to browse the full list soon. We grouped the votes until they referred to a unique album, gig or incident and besides a lot of 'band x did not tour in my country', 'the tour of band Y got cancelled' and 'I missed the gig of band Z', most votes went to the Top 5 below.

# Disappointment Votes Percentage
1 Genesis "Archive 2: 1976-1992" 25 4.4%
2 Arena - Immortal? 21 3.7%
3 Marillion 20 3.5%
4 Genesis Disbanded 18 3.2%
5 Spock's Beard - V 15 2.6%

2000 was a disappointing year for Genesis fans. Not only did the band announce the departure of Ray Wilson and the decision not to plan any future reincarnation of the band, but the second 'collectors box' turned out to be a bit of a bummer as well. Hardly any unreleased material or must-have tracks that weren't already available in other formats.

Since John Jowitt and Paul Wrightson have left Arena and have been replaced by Rob Sowden and Ian Salmon the popularity of the band doesn't seem to have increased. The band fails to reach the same position in the Best Album chart as with 'The Visitor' in 1998 and many people have chosen an the new Arena album (and tour) as their biggest disappointment.
More remarkable is the fact that even though Marillion didn't release an album and didn't do many substantially new things in 2000, people insist on picking them as their (continuing) disappointment of the year. Let's see what happens with their forthcoming Anoraknophonia album.

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