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We had 170 participants in the DPRPoll for 1997, 325 people in the DPRPoll for 1998 and this time no less than 531 prog fans filled out the form on the Web Site. Mentioning the actual prizes a day before the poll closed was enough to get more than 100 extra entries. ;-)

This page contains a summary of the results of the poll. Those of you who want to see more can also view the full tables. You can jump from one table to the next one with the 'Next Table' link at the top op the pages.

Before we have a look at the results of 1999 we would first like to thank the following sponsors of the poll prizes: GEP Records, InsideOut Music, Aubitt Records, The Cage Arena Fan Club and Wolverine.


As we mentioned above, 531 people participated in the DPRPoll 1999. Most people came from The Netherlands (27%), USA (17%), while Germany (7%), UK (7%) and Canada (5%) also provided quite some votes. It's good to see that the number of participants from the UK has increased, compared to last year. At the same time, prog and internet penetration seem to gain momentum in other 'far off' countries.
To view the full table of countries of participants, browse through the tables by clicking on the 'Next Table' link.

The average participant of the DPRPoll 1999 was 33 years old, although ages ranged from 15 to 52 years ! Just imagine, the youngest one was born in the year of Marillion's Misplaced Childhood, while the oldest one was in his twenties and might have experienced all those highlights of the seventies !
The majority of the participants (75%) is between 25 and 40 years old.

Best Albums of 1999

A total of 299 different albums received votes for Best Album of 1999. Below you will find the Top 20. For a full list, browse through the tables.

# Band Album Votes Percentage Weighted Points
1 Dream Theater Metropolis 2: Scenes from a Memory 226 43.0% 848
2 Spock's Beard Day for Night 155 29.5% 504
3 Camel Rajaz 136 25.9% 484
4 Porcupine Tree Stupid Dream 128 24.3% 468
5 Yes The Ladder 119 22.6% 388
6 Fish Raingods with Zippos 123 23.4% 336
7 Flower Kings Flower Power 101 19.2% 332
8 Marillion marillion.com 101 19.2% 304
9 Pallas Beat the Drum 76 14.4% 241
10 IQ The Lost Attic 74 14.1% 232
11 Liquid Tension Experiment Liquid Tension Experiment 2 69 13.1% 206
12 C. Nolan & O. Wakeman Jabberwocky 54 10.3% 176
13 Rick Wakeman Return to the Center of the Earth 34 6.5% 118
14 Saga Full Circle 44 8.4% 116
15 Jethro Tull J Tull Dot Com 43 8.2% 111
16 Anekdoten From Within 31 5.9% 107
17 Neal Morse Neal Morse 39 7.4% 100
18 Colin Bass An Outcast of the Islands 28 5.3% 100
19 Steve Hackett Darktown 36 6.8% 97
20 Solaris Nostradamus - Book of Prophecies 25 4.8% 83

Dream Theater's new concept album is without a doubt the biggest favourite of last year. As last year, Spock's Beard can be found at number 2. Porcupine Tree seems to have reached a larger audience with their new one and Marillion slips down to a lower position again.

Best Tracks of 1999

Participants in the Poll were also asked to name their favourite track of 1999. The table below shows the 5 bands which got the most votes, regardless of which track.

# Band Votes for Best Track Percentage
1 Dream Theater 57 11.6%
2 Yes 44 8.9%
3 Fish 41 8.3%
4 Porcupine Tree 37 7.5%
Spock's Beard 37 7.5%

The next table shows the actual Top 5 of best tracks of 1999.

Although various people have made it very clear that they find the other material on Raingods With Zippos quite inferior, Fish seems to have thrown a bullseye with his modern sounding and daring epic Plague of Ghosts. Another long one that did well last year was Marillion's Interior Lullu, while prog fans also seemed to like the retro sound of Yes' Homeworld a lot.

# Band Track Votes Percentage
1 Fish Plague of Ghosts 36 7.3%
2 Yes Homeworld (The Ladder) 35 7.1%
3 Marillion Interior Lulu 28 5.7%
4 Porcupine Tree Even Less 19 3.9%
5 Dream Theater Home 16 3.3%

Best Artwork of 1999

So, is this the statement that a good prog album should come in a Roger Dean sleeve ? I don't know, but this result seems to confirm one of the long standing prog clichés.

# Band Album Votes Percentage
1 Yes The Ladder 77 15.8%
2 Clive Nolan & Oliver Wakeman Jabberwocky 39 8.0%
3 Dream Theater Metropolis Pt 2: Scenes from a Memory 34 7.0%
4 Fish Raingods with Zippos 29 5.9%
5 Camel Rajaz 29 5.9%

Best Concert 1999

As you can imagine, loads of different concerts got votes for best gig of 1999. To get a clear picture of which bands did best on the stage in 1999, we'll first have a look at the ones that got the most votes, regardless of which concert.

# Band Votes for Best Concert Percentage
1 Spock's Beard 65 14.6%
2 IQ 45 10.1%
3 Arena 27 6.1%
4 Fish 24 5.4%
5 Yes 22 4.9%

For the second year in a row 'The Beard' turns out to be the most popular live band. With only 11 gigs in 1999, IQ is not doing bad either at 2nd place.
Now let's have a look at the actual gigs that got the most votes for Best Concert 1999.

# Band When Where Votes Percentage
1 Arena 31-10-1999 Tivoli, Utrecht 22 4.9%
2 IQ 4 april 1999 013, Tilburg, The Netherlands 20 4.5%
3 Spock's Beard 28-09-99 013 Tilburg 13 2.9%

Arena's performance at the first Fan Club Convention of The Cage turns out to be the most appreciated gig of last year. As was to be expected since most participants are from Holland, number 2 and 3 were Dutch gigs as well. Both were gigs that were filmed for future release on video; IQ's very last performance of Subterranea and Spock's Beard's amazing show at the 013 in Tilburg.

Best Newcomer

Although both have been around for a while, the collaboration between Clive Nolan (Arena, Shadowland, Pendragon) and Oliver Wakeman (son of Rick) was appreciated most as a newcoming act. Spock's Beard frontman Neal Morse's solo album didn't do bad either.

# Band Votes Percentage
1 Clive Nolan & Oliver Wakeman 24 6.4%
2 Ice Age 19 5.1%
3 Neal Morse 15 4.0%
4 A.C.T. 15 4.0%
5 Mostly Autumn 14 3.7%

Biggest Disappointment of 1999

# Disappointment Votes Percentage
1 Marillion - marillion.com 94 21%
2 Yes - The Ladder 46 10%
3 Line-up changes in Arena 19 4%
4 Queensryche - Q2K 18 4%
5 Mike Oldfield - The Millennium Bell 10 2%
Rick Wakeman - Return to the Center of the Earth 10 2%

This is turning into a bit of a 'given'. For the third year in a row Marillion turns out to be the biggest disappointment for prog fans. Although some admit that marillion.com is better than the previous album Radiation, still 20% of the participants dislikes it a lot (compared to 25% last year for Radiation).
The Ladder by Yes seems to have its 'lovers and haters'; it ranks number 5 in the album list, but number 2 in the disappointment list at the same time.
Many people named the departure of Paul Wrightson and/or John Jowitt from Arena, or the many line-up changes in that band in general as a major disappointment.
In 1997, Queensryche already disappointed a lot of its fans with Hear in the Now Frontier. With it's new album, Q2K, it doesn't seem to do much better. It only got 12 votes for best album and can again be found high in the chart of disappointments. Whatever happened to the band that made Operation Mindcrime and Promised Land ?

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