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Dear prog fans,

After hours of correcting typos in album titles, regrouping data andmaking database queries Dutch Progressive Rock Page is proud to present oneexploded PC (really !) and the results of the 1997 Readers Poll.

We are very satisfied with the number of participants, which hit the impressive number of 170 just before the Poll closed.
Most participants live in Holland and the United States, but we wereamazed by some of the remote places we received entries from. One thing which had us worried though was the small number of people from the UKresponding.

In the table on the right you can see the different countries and thenumber of respondents per country.

As you will remember, two free CDs would be raffled among the participants. MS Excel'sRandom Number Generation tool was used to draw the winners.
The first CD, Quidam's splendid debut album, goes to:

Bert Mol from Holland

The second CD, 'Upon Deaf Ears' by Mercury Rising, goes to:

Christian Witte from Germany

We would like to congratulate both winners with their prices.

Below you will find the detailed results of the Poll. Special thanks toall of the respondents, and we hope you will all participate again in the1998 Poll next year.

The DPRP Team

P.S. We weren't really charmed by the fact that a couple of people found it necessary tosend in votes for their own bands. We'll not mention any names; you guys know who you are. Suffice it to say that the positions you got in the poll would have been muchlower if you'd let the audience decide themself.

Countries of the Participants
New Zealand11%

Best Album of 1997

Top 25 Albums 1997
Pos. Artist/Band Title Votes Points
1 IQ Subterranea

87 374
2 Marillion This Strange Engine 54 180
3 Fish Sunsets On Empire 53 155
4 Spock's Beard Beware Of Darkness 40 135
5 Dream Theater Falling Into Infinity 38 133
6 Flower Kings Stardust We Are 34 104
7 Fates Warning A Pleasant Shade Of Grey 27 94
8 Yes Keys To Ascension 2 32 86
9 Savatage The Wake Of Magellan 19 59
10 Discipline Unfolded Like Staircase 14 51
11 Genesis Calling All Stations 22 47
12 Jadis Sommersault 19 47
13 Porcupine Tree Coma Divine 15 42
14 Arena Welcome To The Stage 12 35
15 Magellan Test Of Wills 11 32
16 Finneus Gauge More Once More 8 31
17 The Gathering Nighttime Birds 11 28
18 Grey Lady Down Fear 9 28
19 Chandelier Timecode 9 27
Symphony X The Divine Wings Of Tragedy 9 27
20 Everon Venus 8 26
21 Cast Angels And Demons 11 25
22 Clepsydra Fears 8 25
23 Steve Hackett Genesis Revisited/Watchers Of The Skies 9 23
24 Enchant Time Lost 7 23
25 Camel Camel On The Road 81 5 23

A total of 149 different albums received votes. We removed some re-releases and 1996 material. After that we calculated the total score for each album. For each first place vote an album received 5 points, for each second place 4 points, etc. The points were added together and the results were sorted. If two albums had the same score in points the total number of votes for that album would decide which one got the higher position. This table shows the first 25 albums. If you're interested in the rest, there's also a Full List available.

Notice the huge difference between the total points of number one and number two. There's no doubt that IQ's Subterranea was The album of 1997.

Live Performances in 1997

In the category favourite concert more than 120 different concerts by more than 50 different bands received votes. The following table shows the Top 7 of favourite live bands:

Live Bands - Top 7
Dream Theater10

All specific concerts had a total of 1, 2 or 3 votes, which isn't suprising considering the geographicalspread of the participants. The following two concerts however received more votes:

Best Concerts
IQ Noorderligt
7-Nov-97 15
Dream Theater Maaspoort
Den Bosch
3-Dec-1997 5

Another victory for the boys from IQ !
If you haven't seen this winning Subterranea show yet, you will get another (last ?) chance in April. For tour dates, check The Lush Attic.

Newcomers and Disappointments

Best Newcomers
Finneus Gauge12
Spock's Beard12

Biggest Disappointments
Genesis - Calling All Station 21
Marillion - This Strange Engine 18
Yes - Open Your Eyes 15
Queensryche - Hear in the Now Frontier 13

These are the most frequent mentioned disappointments for 1997 Some other often seen remarks were 'band A did not play in country B' and 'Rick Wakeman leaving Yes'.
The opinions about the latest Marillion and Genesis albums seem to be divided; not only did they reach the 2nd and 11th position in the Top 25 of Best Albums, quite a few people also considered it to be the biggest let-down of last year. It's also very obvious that of the two simultaneous Yes releases people clearly prefer Keys to Ascension 2. Queensryche seems to have taken a wrong turn towards grunge orientated rock as far as the visitors of DPRP are concerned.


Average number of visits per month: 6

Average rating for DPRP: 8.3 out of 10

We received several suggestions to improve the site; out of 170 people 64 informed us about desired changes. Most of these had to do with the Links and Review pages not being available. As you might have noticed these have both been relaunched in January. We will review the whole list of remarks, suggestions and wishes during a future DPRP Team meeting (though it's quite hard to get the whole team together).
Lots of people send us their compliments and 'keep up the good work' remarks. We're very proud of the average rating of 8.3 and hope to increase it to a 9 for 1998 so we can become what some of you already consider us to be: 'the best progressive rock site in the world'.

Thanks !
The DPRP Team

P.S. If you're interested, the team's own votes are also available.

Finneus Gauge picture taken from the Finneus Gauge Web Site.
Marillion picture by Michiel Koolen.
IQ picture taken by Andy Labrow.

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