Another Concert Review update: Toundra and La Red Bullet live in Pamplona, 5 April!

A Concert Review of Arena live at the Manchester Academy, 3 April!

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-029: Jon Anderson - 1000 Hands Chapter One, Avandra - Descender, Tim Burness - Interconnected, Hackberry - Hackberry, Si Hayden - Guitar Tree Hill, and Heartscore - Black Riders Part 1.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-028: Lonely Robot - Under Stars: a review and interview with John Mitchell!

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-027: A.C.T. - Rebirth, Anima Mundi - Once Upon A Live, Tim Bowness - Flowers At The Scene, Kinetic Element - The Face Of Life, and Ni - Pantophobie.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-026: a Duo Review of Pocket Size - Immortality - Cleaning The Mirror Vol. 2.

The Interviews section has been updated with an interview with Collin Leijenaar and Robin Z. of Dilemma. There is also, a concert review of Dilemma and Lifesigns in Zoetermeer!

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-025: Claudio Delgift - The Essential Claudio Delgift, Phil Keaggy, Tony Levin and Jerry Marotta - The Bucket List, Joost Maglev - Alter Ego, Static Tension - Ashes To Animation, and The Wrong Object - Into The Herd.

Prog Central - Progressive Rock: Our Spotify Playlist for those who enjoy the more traditional style of progressive rock has had a major update. Discover 20 new albums and two hours of listening from the likes of Lonely Robot, Mostly Autumn, The Mute Gods, Alan Parsons, Siena Root, Focus, RPWL and M�rglbl. Listen here.. Each of our playlists will be updated with fresh tracks every month.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-024: a Duo Review of Devin Townsend - Empath.

Prog Central - Progressive Metal: Our Spotify Playlist dealing with the heavier side of prog has had a Spring make-over. Listen to 20 slabs of prog-metal including new releases from: Rendezvous Point, Arch/Matheos, Shumaun, Darkwater, Soen, Dreamwalker Inc, Periphery, Myrath, Voyager, Devin Townsend, Wheel, Moon Tooth and Evergrey. Listen here..

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-023: Corciolli - Ilusia, HOIA - Scavanger, Jadis - Medium Rare 2, Rhys Marsh - October After All, and The Mute Gods - Atheists And Believers.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-022: Sam Braun - Dreaming Of Life, The Gödel Codex - Oak, Mörglbl - The Story of Scott Rötti, The Re-Stoned - Ram's Head, and The Winter Tree - Topaz Islands Dreaming.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-021: 41Point9 - Mr. Astute Trousers, John Lees’ Barclay James Harvest - The 50th Anniversary Concert, Mike Goode - On Track… Emerson Lake & Palmer - Every Album, Every Song, Imperial Age - The Legacy Of Atlantis, and Rozmainsky & Mikhaylov Project - Adventures At The Babooinumfest 2017.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-020: The Black Fall - Clear Perception, Hans Lundin - The Solo Years, Melanie Mau & Martin Schnella - Pieces To Remember, Mystery - Lies And Butterflies, and Manuel Schmid & Marek Arnold - Zeiten.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-019: a Duo Review of Shumaun - One Day Closer To Yesterday.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-018: All Traps On Earth - Drop Of Light, Daniel Eliseev Project - Night Shadow, Pinn Dropp - Perfectly Flawed, RPWL - Tales From Outer Space, and Shalash Band - Shalash.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-017, a Mini Reviews Special with: Blank Manuskript - Studio-Live-Session ORF RadioKulturhaus, JPL - Retrospections Vol III, Moonstruck - Web Of Deception, Out Ink - Time And Emotions In The Natural World, Rachel's Birthday - An Invitation To Rachel's Birthday, Roz Vitalis - Elephant Live, Soniq Theater - Brandenburg, and Syndrom - Bloodbeats.

It took a while but Concert Reviews has been converted to the new layout and the first article here has fallen victim to timing issues and other problems. So long overdue, here you can read about Silhouette and Mangrove live in Alphen aan den Rijn!

Something For The Weekend: The latest edition of our new-look blog is available. In this edition we feature 5 great prog albums you may have missed last month: Darkwater, Cheeto's Magazine, Soen, Not Otherwise Specified & Wheels.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-016: The Gardening Club - The Riddle, The Last Detail - At Last... The Tale And Other Stories, Prins Obi And The Dream Warriors - Prins Obi And The Dream Warriors, Xavi Reija - The Sound Of The Earth, and The Samurai Of Prog - Omnibus - The Early Years.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-015: Dreamwalkers Inc - First Re-Draft (Inter-Review).

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-014: Dewa Budjana - Mahandini, Stephen Lambe - On Track... Yes - Every Album, Every Song, Methexis - Topos, The Neal Morse Band - The Great Adventure, O.R.k. - Ramagehead, and Stephan Thelen - Fractal Guitar.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-013 Autumn - Stacking Smoke (Inter-Review).

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-012: Agusa - Ekstasis - Live In Rome, Coma Rossi - Coma Rossi, Garrett N - Let's Get Surreal, Svarc Hanley Longhawn - SHL#2, and Syndone - Mysoginia.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-011: Dream Theater - Distance Over Time, Colin Edwin and Lorenzo Feliciati - Twinscapes Vol 2: A Modern Approach To The Dancefloor, Focus - Focus 11, Rikard Sjöblom’s Gungfly - Friendship, Walfad - Colloids, and The Wrong Object - Zappa Jawaka.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-010: Ecovillage - Sacred World, Lapis Lazuli - Brain, LizZard - Shift, Maat Lander - Seasons Of Space - Book #2, and Shadow Matter - Shadow Matter.

SFTW #195: It's Back! After a long holiday, Something For The Weekend has a whole new look. Check-out our first edition of 2019: Five progressive discs you needed to spin in January : Mad Fellaz, Slug Comparison, In Continuum, Althea & PreHistoric Animals.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-009: Marc Durkee - Remain In Stasis, Nemo - Presagés 2018, Nosound - Allow Yourself, and Scolari/Cavalca - Natural Impulse.

Prog Central - Progressive Rock: Our new Spotify Playlist for those who enjoy the more traditional style of progressive rock has had a mega New Year makeover. Discover 20 new (ish) albums from the likes of Steve Hackett, Tim Bowness, RPWL, In Continuum, Slug Comparison, Alberto Rigoni & Marco Minneman, The Last Detail, Autumn, Residuos Mentales, Althea, Mad Fellaz and Steven Wilson (live). Listen here.. Each of our playlists will be updated with fresh tracks every month.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-008: Echoes of Giants - The Way To Us, Grand Reunion - In The Station, Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate - Out Of Mind, Magenta - We Are Seven, Magenta - We Are Seven, and El Tubo Elástico - Impala.

We're very happy to announce the revival of our Forgotten Sons series! Serge Wemmenhove wrote an article about Dutch prog band Het Pandorra Ensemble!

Prog Central - Progressive Metal: Our new Spotify Playlist dealing with the heavier side of prog has had a January make-over. Listen to 20 slabs of prog-metal including new releases from: O.R.K., Dream Theater, Autumn, Queensryche, Darkwater, Soen, Evergrey, PreHistoric Animals, Shattered Skies, Dimension Eleven and Silent Clash. Listen here..

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-007: Chandelier InterReview: an interview plus reviews of the latest re-issues of Pure and Facing Gravity.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-006: Karma Rassa - Vesna... Snova Vesna, Lucas Lee - Lowered Expectations, Mark Nauseef - Personal Note, Nauticus - Disappear In Blue, and Steve Pilkington - On Track... Deep Purple & Rainbow - Every Album, Every Song: 1968-1979.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-005: Steve Hackett InterReview! An interview with the man himself and a Round Table Review of his latest album, At The Edge Of Light.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-004: Anti Clock Tower - Tic Toc Turmoil, The CSides Project - 10 Days, Texel - Zooming Into Focus, Thumpermonkey - Make Me Young, Etc, and World Service Project - Serve.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-003: a Duo Review of Vasil Hadžimanov Band - Lines In Sand.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-002: Bordelophone - Bordelophone, David Cross and Andrew Booker - Ends Meeting, Old Rock City Orchestra - The Magic Park Of Dark Roses, Sanguine Hum - Now We Have Power, Det Skandaløse Orkester - Tenk om noen ser deg, and Velcrocranes - Afterlife.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2019-001: Light Damage - Numbers, Pymlico - Nightscape, ScienceNV - The Quest For Prester John Volumes 1 and 2, and Vespero - Hollow Moon.

Special features: Do not miss our four-part round-up of the best music from 2018. Part 1 was the The Best Progressive Rock Albums of 2018. Part 2 was The DPRP Writers Top Progressive Rock Albums of 2018. Part 3 was the Top 20 heavy prog and progressive metal albums of 2018 and Part 4 was the list of 13 Amazing Progressive Rock Albums you may have missed in 2018 Happy listening!

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2018-090: Atlas: Empire - The Stratosphere Beneath Our Feet, Anneke van Giersbergen - Symphonized, Maidman - Dreamland, Metalwings - For All Beyond, Octavarium - Out Of Time, Octavarium - Dystopia, Trigon - 30 Jahre Traumzeit, Dean Watson - Track Of Days, and Andrew Wild - Queen On Track - Every Album, Every Song.

SFTW: Our final special feature of the year sees us look back at some of the albums you may have missed in 2018.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2018-089, Mini Reviews Special: Martin Barre - Roads Less Travelled, Cytrus - Trzecia łza od słońca, DC Sound Collective - Dirae Pax, Hillward - System Live, Ljungblut - Villa Carlotta 5959, Napier's Bones - Monuments, Oakhaart - Parallel To An Endless Dream, Tusmørke - Osloborgerlig Tusmørke: Vardøger og Utburder vol 1, and Zan Zone - It's Only Natural.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2018-088: Art Against Agony - Shiva Appreciation Society, Kaoll - Ten Years Barbecue, Karmamoi - The Day Is Done, Eddie Mulder - Waves, a Duo Review of Various artists - A Life In Yes - The Chris Squire Tribute, Various artists - Yesterday And Today - A 50th Anniversary Tribute to YES, Vikings - Far Beyond My Dream, Volvox - Universo Expandido, and Watershape - Perceptions.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2018-087: Anima Mundi - Insomnia, Gorod - Æthra, London Underground - Four, Yesterdays - Senki Madara, and Yurt - IV - The Obstacle Is Everything.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2018-086: Circadian Pulse - Elements Of Existence, Gryphon - Reinvention, IQ - Ever 25th Anniversary, Tim Morse - III, and Sonar (w. David Torn) - Live At Moods.

CD & DVD Reviews, Issue 2018-085 another Mini Reviews Special with Bad As - Midnight Curse, Fractal Cypher - Prelude To An Impending Outcome, Gaia - Aerial, Jann Klose - In Tandem, Lathe Of Heaven - Now There's No Room, Alec K. Redfearn And The Eyesores - The Opposites, Salva - Off The Deep End, and T3tra - Portals.


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